Rehabilitation Products

Our Products for the Rehabilitation segment range from Standard Wheelchairs to Multifunctional Wheelchairs
and walking devices such as Crutches and Canes.
Our products will grant you a more comfortable and easy way to move during Rehabilitation.


Standard Wheelchair

SM 8001

Shima Wheelchair

SM 8002

Galaxis Wheelchair

SM 8003

Shima Mig Mag Wheelchair

SM 8004

Innova Wheelchair

SM 8005

Shima Red Mag Wheelchair

SM 8011

Kingstone Wheelchair

SM 8012

Shima Transport Wheelchair

SM 8014

Shima Travel Wheelchair

SM 8015

Pride Wheelchair

SM 8016

Shima Aluminium Wheelchair

SM 8017

Sherata Aluminium Wheelchair

SM 8018

Ergono Wheelchair

SM 8019

Travelride Wheelchair

SM 8020

Shima Declined Wheelchair

2 IN 1 Wheelchair

SM 8021

Shima Adjustable Commode Wheelchair

SM 8023

Galaxis Commode Wheelchair

SM 8025

Sherata Commode Wheelchair

3 IN 1 Wheelchair

SM 8022

Shima Declined Commode Wheelchair

SM 8024

Galaxis Declined Commode Wheelchair


SM 8051

Shima Reciprocal Walker (Chrome)

SM 8052

Shima Reciprocal Walker (Yellow)


SM 8071

Shima Quad Cane

SM 8071 A

Sherata Quad Cane

SM 8072

Galaxis Quad Cane

SM 8072 A

Innova Quad Cane

SM 8073

Shima Tripod Cane

SM 8073 A

Sherata Tripod Cane

SM 8074

Shima Aluminium Cane

SM 8075

Shima Blind Cane

SM 8076

Shima Aluminium T-Shape Cane

SM 8077

Aluminium Seat Cane


SM 8032

Shima Adjustable Commode Wheelchair

SM 8033

Sherata Commode Chair


SM 8061

Aluminium Axilla Crutches

SM 8062

Shima Forearm Crutch

SM 8063

Sherata Forearm Crutch


SM 8035

Sherata Commode Bath Chair

SM 8036

Shima Shower Chair