RAD - Ceiling System

X-Ray Generator Specification :

Type CMP 200 Dr by CPIP (Canada)
Power Capacity 40 kW
KV Range 40 - 150 kV
mA Range 10 - 500 mA
Exposure Time 1 ms - 6.3 sec
Power Input 3 Phase, 400 VAC
AEC Dedicated
Speed Low Speed Starter
Program APRs (Anatomical Program)
Exposure Hand Switch
Console CMP200 DR Membran Console + Wall Mount
Service S/W Geneware Service Software
Interface CPI Digital Interface


X-Ray Tube Specification :

Type RTM82H by IAE (Italy)
Target Angle 12.5"
Max. KV 150 kV
Heating Unit 300 KHU
Focal Spot 0.6/1.2mm


Colimator Specification :

Type 221/A by Ralco (Italy)
Max Radiation Leakage 150 kVp - 4 mA
Multiplayer Square Field 0 x 0cm to 48 x 48cm at 100cm SID
Min Inherent Filtration 2mm AI Equivalent
Lamp White LED


Ceiling Mount Tube Specification :

Type Motorized
Vertical Lift Distance 1500mm +- 50mm (motorized)
Around the vertical axis of rotation O° +-2° ~ +-90° +-2° ~180° +- 2° (manual)
Arount the level axis of rotation O° +-2° ~ +-90° +-2° (motorized)
Transverse movement distance 1800mm +- 50mm (motorized)
Vertical moving distance 1800mm +- 50mm (manual)


Rotating Bucky Stand Specification :

Stand Height 2200mm
Vertical bucky box move up and down 1250mm
Vertical bucky box angle of rotation +90°~0°~-15° 
Vertical bucky box size with Grid 17° x 17°
Minimum height fall to the ground 450mm


X-Ray Table Specification :

Table Type Four Ways Moving Table
Table Top Acrylic Fiber
Table Top Size 2020 (L) x 800 (W) x 690 (H)/mm
Table Top Lock Style Foot Switch
Table Top Move Style Manual
Length Wise Stroke 450mm +- 20mm (Manual)
Broad Wise Stroke 250mm +- 10mm (Manual)
Flat Panel Detector Pixium 4343 C-E
Workstation DELL
Software Shimatech Acquisition S/W